August 11, 2008

some random photos caught

me holding a light orb... oooh~

art piece in McD~

more nonsence done in McD

the result of boredom in McD + free salt + free pepper + free tomato sauce(or chillies.. i dunno) and with the touch of a french fry.. tadah~!

this is from hotlink's clay thingy.. looked cute!

and these colourful flower pots from tesco..

my dad's car reflected on a black car....

look at those beautiful roots.. caught at old town, PJ's medan selera where they sell the best chu chap porridge! yum yum..

mummy's colourful cooking~!

our long long shopping receipt of the month.. wahahaha.. groceries only oh~

some random cars at the petrol station on the federal highway

tomatoes~! look at the size difference!

well ....


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