August 02, 2008

current obsession.....

oh yeah oh yeah....

m currently obsessed with these songs now......

morning has broken, originally sang by cat stevens:
was reminded of this song when i heard it in one of the episodes in pushing daisies. love this scene.. she has a nice voice.. tho funny mermaid costumes.. hahaha.. :

and another nice song......

quando quando quando, originally sang by
Engelbert Humperdinck .
but i prefer the duet cover sang by michael buble and nelly furtado:

this is the song that caught my attention during american idol when katherine mcPhee sang it..
heard it in someone's webpage and got hooked again! lol..
sang by KT Tunstall; big black horse and a cherry tree..

a live version of her performing here
she's so wow... love her coarse voice!!!!!!!!

and this:
KT Tunstall; suddenly i see:

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