October 24, 2008

bloody hell~!!


bloody hell..
my bloody helluva' college is organizing a bloddy helluva' event on bloody hell~!

check the bloody hell out~!

it's bloody helluva' cheap (i mean the tickets to the show!)
it's only bloody 5 hell bucks!
unless you bloody helly wanna get treated as a VIP and have extra 5 to spare..

i'm pretty bloody helly excited to go see it cuz one of my lecturer gonna perform again..
(GO Mr. Jamal!! woohoo~!)
and they told that there's gonna be a bloody helluva' performance there..

even the name of the event were gotten from a bloody helluva' way~!
name origin

so if you wanna have a bloody helluva' time on halloweeeeeen~!!
come check this event out!
this event is open to all peeps out there!


this bloody helluva' guy

  • Wee Han - seventhoctave_@hotmail.com
for tickets~!


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