December 07, 2008

still not studying.. complain complain..

walao walao walao
exam's here already loo..

funny examination hall sign board..
the "i" went missing

i've got :
MONDAY : hari raya haji holidays ;P
TUESDAY : Engineering Mathematics V
WEDNESDAY : Dynamics
THURSDAY : Sultan of Selangor's Birthday!
FRIDAY : Materials 2
SATURDAY : Chemical Thermodynamics
X'MAS EVE : Malaysian Studies

so i'm supposed to be studying no?
i'm supposed to be practicing no?
i'm supposed to NOT be online no?

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

I AM ONLINE!!!!!!!


omi omi omi..

later lar... aiyah..
still got tomorrow..

*out loud*
but i'm going out somewhere tomorrow!!

can wait till the night before lar...
wont die wan

i'm in denial

this is bad no?


oh well, let's see some photos first. ;P

look at this motorbike i saw.. probably not so clear here, with the big tires and all.. woo~

and look at the ah qong's bike beside him.. hahaha
one so fat, one so thin

Floating stone
so UFO like

and look at this absurd shoes!
fluorecent pink and yellow??!

and this is what it looks like when i wear it on

whoever invented these shoes!!

and see this advert..
talking cock friends get more

and this is the original DiGi prepaid i Like advert..
tho i still don't get what they really try to say..
"like talking cock with friends, get more..."
like HUH?? O_o?

weird ads lar these days..


last tuesday, i was sitting in the library
an hour before our maths test..
and on the table was me, tar, der, and iyd
(i dowana tell the names lar since m kutuking here)

and what happen was..
we were sitting there revising lar
and my college wan walls are transparent glass ma
so can see outside lor..

then der suddenly looked out and went like woaa..
it's her! its her!
and i thought who wor till he so excited..
then iyd turned and like woa.. yaya.. ooohh..

i went O_o?? huh?
der : "woa.. it's the girl with the thong!"
iyd : "yeah i know! she's not wearing anything inside! turn
around! turn around! damn!"
der : "yeah.. wonder how can she not wear anything inside lar"

steph: *rolls eyes* "ergh! horrible people"

der n iyd turned to me to look and laughed and continue oogling that "thong girl"

iyd : "damn i can't see her! the pillar is blocking!"
der : "awh man! awh.. awh.. *he's doing whatever disgusting horny
sound you can imagine*"

and just when i thought tar is the good boy there not making any remarks, der pulled him and he also went awh! and excited with them..

tar : "those are cars"
der : "cars? what cars?"
tar : "no, not car.. buses.. you know.. transportation..

*update tips:[try pronouncing the word "bus" out loud.. and think of women parts] get it??

then qian came to our table to ask for something and when der asked what he wanted, i said

: "you can ask whatever you want, as long as you don't join the discussion of "transportation" here"

and the table went off laughing

steph : *roles eyes* *throws dirty looks at them* [NO NOT DIRTY
DIRTY looks!! disapproving annoyed dirty looks! bloody
dirty minded]

gosh!! such disrespectful people towards women kind!
and fine if you wanna argue with me that it's HER 's fault she's (true or not true i dunno.. could be their wild imagination) not wearing any undies there but there's a WOMAN {ME!! DUH!!} sitting a table with them!! you can't go talking about some other woman's naked whatever oh-so horny-ly in front of a girl like that!

i kept telling them to stop but to no avail..
at first when it was alil "mild" i was like closig my ears making lalala sounds to tell them to stop.

then when i couldnt take it anymore, i just started packing to move to another table and iyd stopped me and said ok ok they'll stop..

and they did cuz she went off.



let me curi wee han's favourite word


i'm just too free..

and another random one down here..

exam is here!

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