February 15, 2009

crazy days! crazy me! crazy us all!

ooo ooo ooo ooooh!!

theres a thing coming up! coming coming..

curi this from wee han's blog...


yeap, something glamorous and holly is coming up and i can't wait!!!!


my tummy hurts.



can't wait can't wait!


check our uno stacko rounds in Blackout Bistro!

Round I

Round II

Round III

Round IV

crazy addiction we had with the stackos...

even played it before our test that day..

which i thought i screwed.

which i DIDNT!


stupid addictions...

go makan makan there and play.

when we are free, we play...

when we are bored, we play!

how fun.

stupid stackos...

noisy stackos..

engineers ROCK STACKOS!!!!!

stackos rox mah sox!


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