February 18, 2009

funny thing you do when you are BORED

100 Truths. After you've filled this out, tag 15 people and have them do the same.

So you better do this or i'll stuff your mouse into your nose and have you use your head to navigate the arrow!!


Last beverage → Seaweed soup.
Last phone call → this morning around 11am plus. Priya woke me up from my sleep!
Last instant message → this afternoon, jay asked me how's yday's test. SCREWED!
Last song you listened to → Alone - Aqua Times OST Bleach
Last time you cried → last two weeks.

Dated someone twice → never.. i'm very good wan...
Been cheated on → not that i know of..
Kissed someone & regretted it → i kissed a girl and i like it.. hahahaa... nope..
Lost someone special→ yeah.. the reason why i cried..


Fallen out of love → yeap..
Laughed until you cried → yesh! uno stacko is SO FUNNY!
Met someone who changed your life → nope.. not yet..
Found out someone was talking about you → they talk about me ALL the time! i can't help it. XD
Have you kissed anyone on your top friends? → yeap. wait. what?? NO!
How many ppl on your top friends do you know in real life? → Top friends, all of them.
How many kids do you want to have → i want twins! not sure how many pairs XD

Do you have any pets → fishes, used to have tortoises, my sister is considered a pet. oh wait, no, it's pest, not pet.

Do you want to change your name → nope. stephanie rox mah sox!

What time did you wake up today → 2pm

What were you doing at midnight last night → watching Bleach ep 126-143

Name something you CANNOT wait for → the day i get married! haha. no la.. the day i get to go around the world!!

Last time you saw your father→ 10minutes ago

What's one thing you wish you could change → i wish i could change the people i'm thinking of into Elmo.

Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → *calls a random tom from yellow pages* yeap.

What's getting on your nerves right now → those **** &*@#%$#$(*@# mosquitoes!!!!!!!

What's your real name → according to the superheroe's rule book, superheroes are not supposed to reveal our true identity.

Zodiac sign → Gemini

Elementary/primary School → S.K. Taman Sri Andalas

High School → SMK Sri Andalas

Hair color → Bleached like Hitsugaya Toushiro's

Long or short → Short

Are you a health freak → NO WAY! i LOVE FOOOOOOOD and i'm super lazy!

Righty or lefty → Right!


First surgery → lump on right foot
First piercing → ears!
First best friend → Kausaliya.. long lost friend.. wonder where she is
First sport you joined → sports? me? Badminton. hehe
First pet → Tortoise!
First vacation → er.... can't remember.. Thailand or Penang.. gua..
First crush → *blush* Nick Carter!


Eating → my tongue
Drinking → my saliva
Waiting → for me to get sleepy


Want kids? → twins!
Want to get married?→ eventually
Careers in mind? → er.. profeSIONal traveller!.


Kissed a stranger → no!
Drank hard liquor → er... i stop at the smell of brandy.
Lost glasses/contacts → broke yeah, lost, nope.
Ran away from home → Never...
Broken someone's heart → maybe...
Been arrested → nope.. i'm an angel FYI
Turned someone down → yeah...
Cried when someone died → yeah...


Yourself → totaly! you believe me steph? hell yeah i believe you! i love me!
Miracles → yeah.. sometimes that's what we all just need.
Love at first sight → kinda.. in a very "watched too much romantic movies/ dramas" way.. haha..

Heaven → yesh! every good restaurant are heaven! especially if they serve cheese and potaotes! and my bed... ahh.. heaven.. and the beach! heaven!

Santa Claus → there are tons everywhere! how not to??!
Kiss on the first date → nope. must jual mahal abit ma.... XD
Angels → of course!! how can i not believe that myself exist! i told you i believe in myself.. XP


Is there one person you want to be with right now? → yeah.. kinda...
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time → NO! i'm very loyal kay...
Do you believe in God? → yeap.. he's my boss ma.. of course i do..
Is this questionnaire a waste of time? TOTALLY! which is exactly what i need!!!

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