April 23, 2009

Everybody Dance Now - Bob Sinclair

it's our God forsaken right to be loved loved LOVED.
-Jason Mraz

Suddenly I see
Why the hell it means so much to me.
-KT Tunstall

I can show you the world
Shining shimering splendid,
Unbelievable sight
Indescribeable feeling,
A whole new world.
-Aladdin and Jasmine

It's a love story
Baby just say yes.
-Taylor Swift

You change your mind
Like a girl changes clothes,
Yeah you, PMS like a b***h i would know,
I should know that you're no good for ME!
-Katy Perry

Listen baby i'm sorry,
Just wanna tell you don't worry,
I won't be late don't stay up and wait for me
-Backstreet Boys

I said no, no,
No, no no no,
I said no, no,
You're not the one for me.
-KT Tunstall

Bila resah,
Ingat saat indah,
Bila rindu,
Ku nyanyikan lagumu
-Anuar Zain

You should be dancing,
-Bee Gees

Hey hey,
Set me free,
Stupid Cupid,
Stop picking on me.
-Mandy Moore

Now I got a confession,
ha ha ha ha.
Be careful what you wish for,
Cuz you just might get it.
-Pussycat Dolls

I'd like to say a word on her behalf,
Maria.. makes me.. Laugh.

But how do you make her stay?
And listen to what you say?
How do you keep a wave upon the sand?

She's a Headache! She's an Angel! She's a Girl..
-The Nuns, Sound of Music

So good!
So good!
I got you!
-James Brown

I write the songs that make the whole world sing
-Barry Manilow

Some try to hand me money,
They don't understand,
I'm not broke,
I'm just a brokenhearted man.
-The Script

And that may be,
All I need to know.
-Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt

We are we are,
the Youth of the Nation.

I wanna make love in this club.

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