May 16, 2009

McDonalds - Going McPimpled or McUnpimpled?


Oh hell Yeah!

I did.

well, as usual lar, we were standing in front of the entrance thinking of what to eat and after all the dilly dally, we finally decided to go for McDonalds!
*Plus kena marah sumore cuz we were standing at Parkson's entrance talking XP*

And so we went to McDonalds and booked the hugest table there (since there were like 6 of us) and we went to order our food!

all hail lower-priced Spicy Chicken McDeluxe!
reduced from RM10.55 to RM7.95!!


You wanna see prove of McDonald's Irresistable?


They were fighting for the last packet of fries and what happened to it?

Iyad enjoying his burger

Another thing I love about McD is cause of their strategic location!
Right in front of Speedy = Free movie!

Drooling over Disaster Movie~

So after makan, with all those McAwesome Meal I started see-ing things!


Total McWeirdness
and this...

Baby All Grown Up..


And to appreciate the awesomeness of TECHNOLOGY,
we McCamwhored at..

*the escalator*


*the lift!*

Machoness generated from the McMacho Meal?

Mind you, we almost ran into our College's President if the lift were to arrive a few seconds late.
She'll walk into the lift with all five of us posing like that and me snapping away!



Anonymous said...

=.= i'm kinda bored of McD now, cuz everyday eat Mcd since it's a lot cheaper than mamak at my place. LOL...but yeah, all hail the Spicy Chicken McDuluxe! :-P

stephy said...

haha.. yeah, it's always I'm bored of mamak or i'm bored of McD. two cheap boring food yet we're always eating it. XD

Caffery said...

What about McPimpled and McUnpimpled?

For me, I would like McPimpled. ^^

stephy said...

haha.. McCrumbs of Spicy McDeluxe!!!!

Anonymous said...

McD!!! lovely!! haha..
i like spicy mcdeluxe too!=)

stephy said...

@kenwooi : haha.. when the price increased I wanted to cry edy cuz do expensive.. lucky now got the 12-3pm promotion.. then I can eat again. XD

★ whoaamello ★ said...

I like the burger buns with sesame seeds but I haven't had those in ages!

stephy said...

@whoamelllo : go go get it.. XD since it's cheaper. lol


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