June 01, 2009

Book SALE!!!! *screams*

So yesterday after attending my dad’s friend’s daughter’s wedding (lots of s-ess Big Grin) me and my family went to Carrefour Kapar cause they wanna buy cheap Nescafe (caffeine addicts ma LOL)

So I was thinking to myself, gosh this is gonna be boring..


As I walked in, was looking around, the cameras, hmm.. the video cams.. hmm.. the laptops, hmm.. and this :



Everything there is RM 5.00!


So I abandoned my parents and dud in to the pile of goodies laid in front of me!

IMG1324A IMG1318A IMG1322A

Initiall no one was there but then suddenly there were people coming in like pirahnas stealing MY BOOKS!

okayh, not mine YET!


So I dug and dug


and I went around the pile Twice! browsing and browsing.

I noticed this thin book which I keep stumble upon.


I finally got curious after the fourth time I saw this book at four different places in the pile so I took it and read it.

Thinking it was about make-ups and stuffs, I got shocked.

The first few lines i read goes :

“I stood in front of the mirror admiring my self. My broad shoulders, Long hair, beautiful breasts (etc…) I started to feel hot and the feeling of pleasure take over me…”


okayh, not the exact words, but something like that. I turned to the cover and saw the word EROTIC there.

uh huh…

*glances left and right*


*puts it back and went searching for more books*

(what do you think I’ll do???)


Never knew these kinda books will be put to sale in carefour.

And there’s also this lady who totally sapu every single book she can find which is (or she thinks is) related to fantasy fiction, magics, ghosts and that sort and put it aside on the cupboards at the side.

Her friend asked : “you read all this wan mea?”

she said : “No la i take for my daughter let her slowly choose at the side lo. she like all this wan ma.”


It’s so sweet of here but STOP STEALING ALL THE BOOKS!!

i also want wan eh aunty..

and the ones she don’t want?

she just threw it to the top of the pile in the middle!

dah la the pile was dropping already with this guy korek-ing a hole in the middle.


So after I gave up, still casting glances in case there’s one nice book there, I walked away with 5 books, sat at the sofa there (which was for sale of course) and started reading, just to make sure the story was fine before buying.

Then I started walking around and a hoh!

I found ANOTHER smaller pile nearby!

with NO oNE THERE!

*Does the victory dance*

I RAN hurried there and there was a pair of mum and daughter picking books into their trolley.

I smiled at the pile of books and said come to mama at them and began hunting again!

After a while my dad called and I showed him my proud findings! he asked how much was the book and I screamed said RM5! And so he said :

“then why not my dear daughter Go get more and thy your wonderful father will pay it all for you!”

Not worthy

How I love my daddy.

end of the day, I chosed 8 books for

only RM40!!

At home.. I just have to…

IMG1324A IMG1340A IMG1341A

So the books I got was…


Fallen by David Maine.


This book is funny. it’s content states book one till book four in one book!

consfusing? yeah, lemme read this finish and I’ll tell you how it works. Winking

IMG1355A IMG1356A IMG1357A

Book of names by Jill Gregory and Karen Tintori

this is kinda like ala ala Da vinci code wan


Chasing Jordan by Heidi W. Boehringer


The Devil’s Labyrinth by John Saul


Midnight Moon by Lori Handeland

IMG1349A '

Love the cover photo~!


The Lost Goddess by Kelly Mckain

this is a chick flick (i think) light reading to balance my overly dark, haunted, emotional readings. The summary says it’s about this three girls who’s waiting to lose their virginity! hahaha..


A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for lovers by Amy Tan

This one is quite interesting cause it’s written in broken english cause it’s supposed to be a diary of this chinese girl from china who was sent to England by her parents to study and later on she’ll meet an English guy and we’ll see how their relationship goes with the language as the barrier.



Secrets of a Rainbow Goddess By Jeffrey Storm and Marlene Zefferys

This book is all about scandals and affairs of this lady. Read ten chapters yesterday till 3.00am x-x

so, this lady Laura, She’s married to brian, but one day in a car accident this hot handsome man, JT came to her rescue, sent her to clinic and all and later only to find themselves falling for each at first sight. *he even kissed her in the clinic gasp*

well, though they didn’t get each other’s contact, he “accidently” left his phone with her and in order to give it back to him, they met up in thailand where he was living and they had sex. GREAT sex. till she kinda orgasm kaukau. Laughing and so there starts the affair..

Then later comes this lesbo, safinya, whom she is also attracted to and tried a lesbo affair and a threesome all in the same night.

AND THEN there comes her company’s client (one damn bloody rich taikun) in Hong Kong who’s trying to f**k her and giving her all those expensive goodies and all as bribes.

owh yeah..

this is something I usually don’t read but hey! I wanted to try something new so…..

When he entered me, I went into another plane of feeling, so intense I thought I would die.

-Secrets of a what I was reading at 3am Rainbow goddess-


Me and my books!

IMG1353A IMG1354A IMG1358A

All RM 5.00!!!!!

So I got 8 books for the price of 2?

yay yay yay yay yay yay yay

Then we went dinner at curry & curry!


The amount of food we (four person) ate!

Nasi goreng kampung, sup kambing, 2 chapatis, 1 roti canai, 2 milo ais, nescafe tarik, teh tarik, air kosong, nasilemak, ayam goreng.



**Edited* I moved the photos to a new post instead. :)

That’s all


“Look” he said quietly.

There was a rainbow arching across the clear blue sky, so close it seemed to be just for the two of us. It was a magical moment.

He took me into his arms, kissed me gently and said, “You are as beautiful as a rainbow. You are a goddess. My Rainbow Goddess. That will be your name from now onwards-Rainbow.”

I thought my heart would burst.

-Secrets of a Rainbow Goddess -


KimberlyMay said...


stephy said...

LOL. go to carrefour lah. I think nationwide sale gua. XD

square said...

which branch did you go to? I went to Alamanda Carrefour but the choices aren't that many as yours.

stephy said...

Kapar branch lorh. in Klang. So it IS nationwide clearance huh? :)

Anonymous said...

Aha! I oso got go! In Wangsa Maju, splurge a lot on it and bought lotsa hard cover books!

stephy said...

My place no hard cover books :S put then again, I got new books to read!! yay! ^^

Kyoru said...

Omigosh cheap books~!!!! How come we don't have that here!? DX

Gwaaahhh!!! I wan oso!!!

stephy said...

poor kyo. come down here to buy larh~ like you did for angels and demons' screening XD


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