May 31, 2009

My 19th birthday surprise~ Holy Sh*t


So yesterday was my birthday and yep as I said I was picked up from my house around 9.00 a.m. by Mr. Loo and next stop to Xhie Hweai’s place to pick her up.

After that we went to a coffeeshop in Eng Ann for their breakfast and meet up with Koh and Sasi.

They actually ate Chicken Rice this early in the morning! =.=

So after the chomps chomps we left about 10.15? i think towards Sunway Pyramid.

As I was annoying Xhie Hweai with Britney’s new song (check my playlist for Toy Soldiers by Britney Spears) Suddenly, at the roundabout, Loo was driving straight and we were yakking away and I saw a motorbike coming from out right, slowed down but ain’t stopping. So did Loo.

What happened was slow but fast at the same time!

One minute I saw this bike in front of us and next thing BAM! we ran into it!

accidents Pictures, Images and Photos

We were like wtf! oh shit!

Thank God that guy was ok. But his bike was abit of a wreck.

Still in a state of Shock, Loo went down to check him out (no, not checking chicks’ check him out. gosh)

that guy looked really pissed and angry but I was worried if he was injured and almost so quickly unbuckled my seat belt and I attempted to jump out of the car to go save him (PBSM member instinct?) but Well, I stopped at the door since he stood up by himself, pulled his bike up and started cursing screaming scolding Loo.

After that, we they decided to go to the nearest motor shop in Berkeley to settle this.

Koh and sasi who was in front of us saw the incident and hurried back to us cause it seems worried since Loo was alone with only two girls XD

Well, the thing was settled between them but Loo had to pay that guy RM205 bucks compensation!

pity him..

Then I got worried.

Can he enjoy the rest of the day? Cause he told us before that if he’s in a bad mood then he won’t give a sh*t about things.


What a way to start our my birthday..

Luckily he was fine. Though alil shaky initially but hey we survived to pyramid!

There we met Jed, Song Jair, Kai Meng and *gasp* Alrin (the guy who stared at my screen when I typed READ POST HERE)

After all the wishes and the hi hi, they head off to the skating rink while me and Xhie Hweai decided to go for movies! cause me we don’t feel like skating at all and me we dowana get hurt again.


We Basically went rounding around SP LOOKING for that damned cinema!

We haven’t been to SP for God knows how long and based on the map, we were supposed to be very near the cinema after a minute of walking but we kinda went to rounds and rounds from the blue atrium to the orange to asean avenue! O_O


And at one point we walked towards where the map showed us to go to and ended up in a dead end, then U-turning, we saw a TGV signboard, following that, and reached ANOTHER dead end.

then we looked at another map and it says that we’re supposingly staring at the cinema 0_o?

we turned around looking for it and stared at each other. then we noticed something.

why so many people go upstairs wan?


yeap. it IS above us all this while!!!!!


But then though happy that we found it, it was fully packed!

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Walao eh..

then we went and check what movies are available and nothing is which is worth lining up for.


So we decided to go eat!

but wait, eat WHAT?

At wits end

SO in the end, we went for KARAOKE!

Went to red box and both of us sang like mad!

screamed our hearts, lungs, guts, usus, liver, whatever out. and danced all the way till the end.

IMG1305A IMG1306A IMG1304A

And you know what?

they gave us condoms!

yes! condoms! check it outIMG1307A


Yep, this stick needs ALL the protection it can get.





Practice safely kids!


We actually were hungry initially but after the singing, we totally forgotten about eating!



we “cheong bau” ourselves feed our hunger with singing . XD

After K the guys basically left and me, loo, xhie hweai and alrin went to Subway to eat the 6-inch sandwich! yummy!

After that we went home lo..

and for dinner.. i had…



IMG1310A IMG1311A IMG1312A IMG1313A

We went to the one in Bayu Perdana.


Anyway thanks to all who wished me on and offline!


and I’m PLurking!

come PLURK me

and me lurve my layout in plurk!

Fullscreen capture 5302009 102920 PM.bmp

nice hor nice hor~

Alrighty I’m out!

*Skips to do assignment!*


Anonymous said...

wah.. scary wei the accident.. lol
anyway seems like the rest of your birthday trip went well.. karaoke is fun! =D

stephy said...

Yeah the accident is scary.. Happened rights in front of me! was in the front seat sumore.. x_x

ok ok lah.. felt like we went all the way there to go karaoke with only 2 of us and back home ne. XD but yeah, karaoke is fun!


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