June 14, 2009

Brothers Bloom Brodyweisz-licious!

Last wednesday, I ffk-ed weychin, supposingly to go with her to school for our PBSM (red cross' and crescent)’s Majlis Perasmian Ahli Baru /camp Solferino the 6th *i think*, for dinner and a movie instead with ian and winshean.


But all because of winshean our perfect plan of movie and dinner at char chan teng in pyramid got blown of. (yes I’m bitching behind him cause I CAN! ian shhh.. XD)

So instead We went to Jeth Cafe in bukit tinggi at 730pm when our movie was like 8.15pm????


Which actually meant that we had like 30minutes to eat PLUS ordering!

But then again, I got to eat my CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE baked Spaghetti! *beams*


Was trying to take a picture of ian and winshean but they were shoving around avoiding my camera



Looking at the menu, there were thousands of drinks and food! *yes i’m exaggerating* and winshean said nick tried this thing call Top Secret. I ask what is that and he explained:

Written here it says “bu nen shuo de mi mi” in chinese 

me : Aannd?

winshean : that’s it. it’s bu nen shuo de mi mi

me : owwhhkay…

and I ordered a drink called Blue spirit



Doesnt it look like the colour of the sky? so nice..


I dunno what is it. it tasted familiar but…

dunno what is it.

And Ian ordered….

Strawberry smoothie!!!


Which the waitress thought is was mine.


which happens all the time he says when he orders this pink smoothie.

They always think it’s a girl’s.

so after the chomp chomp we rushed to the cinema and safely reached aeon.

Supposingly we canceled the movie but then i wanted to watch monsters versus aliens and ian suggested brother’s bloom.

in a dilemma on which to watch, he let the cinema decide (based on the screening time) and monsters were sold out!

So brother’s bloom here we go!

We were late for about 15minutes and the moment we sat down on our seats we started laughing and laughing non-stop!

Its about this two brothers, stephen (Mark Ruffalo) and bloom (adrien Brody) who are con artists along with this japanese chick/explosives expert Bang Bang (Rinko kikuchi)

The image “http://mishkanyc.com/bloglin/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/rinkoasiantouristthebrothersbloom2.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Who has NO scripts at all throughout the movie but she was the funniest in the movie. they’ve been conning their whole life and finally bloom wants to quit and live the life he wants.

but stephen dragged him into one last Grand Con, victim penelope (Rachel weisz) who is a young lonely heir who drives her lamborghini into walls (watch trailer)

THen in this mission, bloom fell in love with penelope and decided to un-con her and i’m not gonna spill anymore content of this movie. XD


this movie is awesome!

-it’s comical timing rocks.


-Rachel weisz is so comical! (she got horny because of the thunderstorm?? icon_lol )http://www.getthebigpicture.net/storage/trailers/bloom_weisz.jpg

-Adrian Brody got that mellow look and his reactions towards penelope is so cute and innocent!


ADRIAN BRODY stars in the adventure comedy BROTHERS BLOOM



 And the ending is really like wow.. eventhough it seems like those romance comedy movie but then this is ONE HeLLAVU movie to watch. it’s one you shouldn’t miss!!!!



Ain’t it a wonder?


SOmething random :



and and and

I finished another book!




Thinking that this is a dark emo novel, it actually is written in quite a light note.

the story is about meg, who ran into her son with her van because she was busy looking at her neighbor who looks like she’s flirting with her husband. Then the story goes on with her life, wanting support from her husband who seems to have an affair with her neighbor and couldn’t put down the fact that his wife “murdered” their son.

One obstacle after another this desperate mother who’s trying to give her younger daughter a better life and at the same time move on from the accident, which includes meeting another guy from the airport! *wriggles eyebrow*

Nice story though the ending leaves you frustrated cause it just hangs there without knowing what DID happened.

maybe there’s a continuation? hmmmm


But i enjoyed it.

moved on to Fallen now.

anyway, that’s all for my super long post!





EVo said...

heyyy steph! yes wei very long post with many topics LOL.

but the affair affair thing in ur book was the part that got my attention the most haha...

stephy said...

lol. i know. cuz i haven't been online for sometime so pour everything out one shot. XD

I bought so many books, all about affairs. which I didn't realize at ALL x_x hahaha

jen said...

how's the cheese baked spaghetti? i love anything cheese baked *drool* love the color of your drink too, nice or not??

stephy said...

the cheese baked was awesome!!! haha. me love anything cheesed too! but the drink was alil normal tasting, kinda like the normal fruit concoction kind. though i still don't know what it tasted like XD


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