June 09, 2009

I wanna be a superman~ But not like THIS!

Again I’m posting photos as I’m really lazy to write~ (not to mention reports coming up and my moral assignment to do *gasp!*)

And so behold the photos~


Ahahaha.. I laughed hard *opps* when I saw this. Really? you put on gels to stay hard?



this girl is so cute.

Was in University Hospital visiting my aunt who got admitted. So we kinda lingered around for the whole day there.

To kill boredom and time, I went snappy snap!


The view Right outside the Emergency room.


And what was below me


The little girl again.


The holey chairs that wasn’t comfortable at all.



Stoinky feet~

me and my sis’.

YES we were THAT bored..


My cousie who didn’t have my phone number eventhough he never changed it. And so didn’t I.



And on another hand, I finished 4 books already! so four more to go!

Unfortunately I didn’t follow my initial plan to read light and dark books like one after another. Instead, I finished ALL the bright lovey dovey light books and all thats left is the dark sad emo ones..


Oh well, what’s done is done.


Midnight moon rawks! It’s really a good book, light and funny with a lil bit of romance in it.


Love the idea of a wereleopard though the bad guy died so easily without complications and unexpectedly.. hmm..


The chinese-english dictionary for lovers was alright too.

Its kinda funny reading broken English you know. but then again, it’s pretty sad, about this lady who’s longing for someone to be there for her all the time but the guy who she fell in love with is a loner and though he loves her but he chose to seclude himself from the modern and refuse commitment. such an ass.


The lost Goddess was very chick lit. light, about this girls who tried to fit in but faces obstacles in their life (which includes a psychic, a long lost dad and affairs.) Not bad really, though quite short for me. I got it in intend to actually be the break book between long ones but then again, haha.. Read it already.


The secret of a Rainbow Goddess was a touching story, involving a lady in her mid-life suddenly being so attractive to men who’s good looking and though she gave in to the temptations of an affair, eventually it became the love of her life.

And she learnt her lesson the hard way about being constantly horny and not thinking. Seriously that scene freaks me out. Gosh.


Crappy thing is..

ALL these four books are 18SX



SO these few days I’ve been exposed to numerous way of a couple having sex.

*inhale exhale*


Aiyoh, Anyway from not wanting to type I actually typed so much already


So adios!


Don’t get shocked ah!







stephy-nie who slept

at 4a.m. reading her


*Photo removed cuz I scared myself XD*


Emoticons by MIAO~

Read his comic blog! he’s amazingly funny!!

show you one below~

click to enlarge


imageokies now REALLY tahs~



TOLANIC said...

Wow! This kind of product also got sell in the market ka? I cannot tahan with those copycat words such as Superman, Boleh, etc. Not unique at all. Hahaha. The panjang word look very attractive, I want to give a try lah!

stephy said...

LOL. you wanna try? Better careful, though they said approved wan but tiba-tiba instead of panjang it kecut means how? XD

but then again, these stuffs are the ones that makes me laugh when I see it on the street. haha. They got inspired by Superman kot.. XD

joshua said...

U can be a superwoman too but make sure halal! ;-)

Anonymous said...

haha.. nice pictures =)

stephy said...

LOL joshua but I think I'll pass ler.. XD

ladyviral said...

lol, I love this entry! Well, only entry I read so far :x. Too tired to read more... but I enjoyed it! Will come back for more of your post ^.^

stephy said...

thanks ladyviral! ^^ glad you liked it.


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