August 21, 2009

I know what’s wrong with Esther! : Nuffnang Screening of The Orphan

Yay i finally managed to drag someone to go with me to The Orphan Screening which Nuffnang gave me a pair of free tickets!IMG_1819

Initially it was either nobody was free to follow they have no transport making me so emo-ish on the night but fortunately Sean came online at 3am-ish and tadah!

I was on my way to Mid Valley with Sean!


We dined at Kim Gary that night and oh wow cheese baked rice!!!


And a very-hot-stone-bowl-oriental-rice thingy that i forgot the name XD


I just love their food there but then it was alil too noisy in there that kinda spoils it, though the noisy environment was supposed to be part of the Hong Kong-ish environment. XD

Anyway, zoomed to the movie, it had been a long time since i watch anything horror-ish which was worth watching and looking at the title i was thinking oh noes it’s another “the ring, the wig, the whatever-that-may-be-haunted” kinda movie again but it was actually different.

First, it is not a ghost movie. it’s a thriller to be exact.0023.CR2

You can run but you can’t hide.

And I love house they picked as the set. Beautiful! If only I have the same one. *can’t find a pic of it though. sigh*

Third, the plot was pretty fresh and I didn’t expected it to happen like that. Of course there were those suspense music playing that makes you expect something to jump up from behind, but then really kudos to Isabelle Furhman who played Esther. She’s like 11 years old and she was amazing! she managed to really portray all the emotions making you squirm at her character!

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piss me off and you’ll die.

She is one heck of a manipulative, creepy girl.

And like the poster says,

There’s something REALLY wrong with Esther!

Throughout the movie I was basically omg-ing, gasping, laughing, “That is SO WRONG”-ing *if anyone heard a girl screamed this in the cinema, it was me! LOL*, and wtf-ing.

Also not to mention those horny scenes and pychoticly-hornyly-wrong scenes!!

But really, I was glad i managed to attend this movie screening. it was a good movie indeed! Not a letdown at all.

So what are you waiting for?

Go find out What the f~ is wrong with Esther.

ooops! I dropped the F-bomb. XD

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PS : I cried reading the Deathly Hallows just now. sobs.

(For those who don’t know, lemme give you a hint : it involves the Elder wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Dumbledore)

Stephy-it’s so wrong!-nie



aileng miao said...

that Orphan movie poster does look damn damn creepy. everytime i walked pass for late nite show i felt a chill in my spine.... eww...

stephy-nie said...

lol. but then orphan isn't really that scary. just disturbing for a few scenes and pretty unexpected plot. the rest is pretty funny actually. XD


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