September 18, 2009

Frisbee+overexcitedness = Bruised knee

What happens when this girl who don’t play sports which = no coordination and passing skills, plays frisbee?


See my blue blacked oh chi knee!!

and i’m supposed to be wearing a knee length dress for the event tomorrow!!



My left knee was totally blue-ish black-ish red-ish.

And yes I was playing frisbee.

the plate thing you throw when you play with your doggie.

And yes I got all these from that innocent leisure-looking game.

Cause when I wanna win I pok meng go grab the frisbee till was sliding on the floor


And after losing in two games, I finally won the last one!


Cause when I wanna win I pok meng go grab the frisbee!




-abrupt end-




Cai Hong said...

o dear you pity thing:(

maybe it means ur fated to wear long dress on da day yeh!

Isley Chang said...

what is frisbee? you fall down all the time when playing this sport?

Huai Bin said...

I picked up Ultimate Frisbee once and I had bruises all over too. :S

Anonymous said...

Poor you, Stephie.

kenwooi said...

wah geng..
recover soon ya =D

stephy-nie said...

@caihong : hah. i was fated to not attend the event at all T_T

@isley: frisbee is the game you throw a plate shaped thingy. like the one you play at the beach wan. i fell cause of over excitedness lah XD

@huaibin: zit? haha. so we same same semangat lah XD

@calvin: hehehe.. i KNOW!Poor me XD


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