September 06, 2009

tic tac TOE! *sneak peek*

What my toes can do.

 IMG_2288 IMG_2289 IMG_2290

What my Camera can do.


What you can do.


Spread the love.

Will update properly REAL SOON!!

*looks at time*


it’s freaking 4.36am!!!

*runs off to bed* 




IchibanSheng said...

the event will be 3 hours long???

It would take me a while to reach Klang =_=

kenwooi said...

wah your toes can do that??
geng!! =D

Carson Heng said...

INDEED GENG!! especially the second pic! O_O

Carson Heng said...

owh btw.. I cant seem to post at your cbox!! It says.. error 500 @@~

stephy-nie said...

@sheng: well, approximately lah it's 3hours. might end early :D

@kenwooi: lol. yeah i can do that XD geng lea..

@carson: zit? got error ah? hmm.. i go check and see. :D

i got special toes!

IchibanSheng said...

stephy>> i cannot go ne, i will be at penang at next friday. sorry T_T

stephy-nie said...

@sheng: aiyah.. nvm lah then :D


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