December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas~ I’ve chopped it off!

Joyful Joyful! woohoo!

It’s Christmas people!!

Merry Christmas to all readers and may we all be blessed with gifs of Joy and Happiness cause we all were such goodie two shoes this year!IMG_0191

Well since Christmas is here this means New Year is COMING!!!


So I went and korek out on my 2009 “resolutions” to see if i DID finish any one of them @@

Let’s see~ 

1. Get that Shell scholarship interview!!!

Err… not yet 71
2. Increase my DARN CGPA to above 3.5 and maintain it!!(currently at 3.4 not including my last sems)

My CGPA still 3.45… icon_cry PHAILED

3. Think of what to do after i graduate this december?

This is like partially done.. cause now m thinking of doing my degree in UCSI or Curtin Sarawak.. advice anyone?

4. do something crazy!! (whatever it is!) inspired by YES MAN!

Hurmm…. crazy? hmm… well.. I cut my hair UBER SHORT!!

From Left to Right!


IMG_0404 IMG_0518

Considered done?

5. Find something to do in college besides running amok with tests and assignments. Anybody with events who needs people?? me! me! me!

This one DONE! I did Hollywood Glam, Charity Music Gala though i tak jadi go cause of stupid stomach ache, and Forget Not Christmas!

5260_139239993833_629233833_3304369_1094023_n IMG_2991 IMG_8259

Where I was the Official Photographer!

6. Run Amok in college! LOLz. nah... erm.. oh yeah.. do that orphanage visit the Helping Hands Society was supposed to do!

Well, Ran amok in college.. yeah.. in a way. LOL. And the visit was done though it wasn’t exactly a visit since we couldn’t synchro with their schedule, so we just gave them the stuffs 48
7. Get a camera, get Brisingr, get worked? as in get fitter! (walk walk more!) get together, get happier, get to eat more good food, get lovelier (as in more loving) get BRISINGR!!! get a DARN CAMERA!
(yeah.. not a resolution.. HECK!)

Woohoo! I actually did this! I got myself a camera, though not DSLR T_T but then I got a proper camera!!!


AND BRISINGR!!! after GAZILION OF YEARS!! Finally got my cousie to help me buy~! IMG_4239

PLUS this year we had loads of happy stuffs going on.

Enjoyed the most last few months with all the amazing people in college

God Bless them all animatedmuax

8. Probably should try at least one part time job this year. i mean, i dowana spoil myself by not working and all during holidays.. its for experience and yada yada and i get paid...
*wiggle wiggle eyebrows*


i wanna go on a trip............
ok.. not a resolution too.. haha.. but i do wanna go to a beach! sun, sand, breeze, waves..

Well, I went to Genting, IMG_1543

I went Port Dickson for Chill-It CampHICT Chill-it Camp (199)

went Melaka!


AND GOING to Melaka AGAIN this saturday!


Though no sun beach holiday T_T

10. Get more socialized? i mean, i'm a crazy girl when with people i click with but there's this public general me who is really shy. (yes! you heard right! this noisy wacko IS SHY!)
so i dunno.. try to stop hesitating and take my stand and be ME!

11. Meet more people! and keep the old ones of course. it's never bad to enlarge your network! networking is very important.

This one hmm.. kinda accomplished I guess?

Cause I’ve been quite active blogging and I’ve met great bloggers out there who’s really nice and friendly! so hey! I socialized alot this year! ^^

IMG_6221 IMG_5908 IMG_5903 IMG_6235  4208653059_55bd074f68_o IMG_0366 8735_125394449284_677634284_2514389_7260468_n

So overall I’ve cut off 7 and a half?

which means 2009 is a yay?


Well hope 2010 would be nice to  me!

and I’ll promise I’ll be a good girl~


*hugs people!*






AQillz said...

I love your new hair cut!
Glad you got a lot of your resolutions accomplished :)

Merry Christmas!

stephy-nie said...

hey aqilz! what you doing up so late? XD btw thanks~ and merry christmas to you too! ^^

andy said...

my gudnes! u r hot!!! wow! *wink

Alpha Ace said...

short hair ...long hair ... ok bahhh~

new is ahead waiting for u to exploit.. ya ...EXPLOIT wif al our desire kakaka ...

don't worry much on it, just do as it comes along the way.

Congrats on ur new hair & Lumix camera ya~

Have fun XD

Kimberly said...

Heyhey =)

I study in Klang but I stay in Shah Alam LOL

Nice hair!!! XD Seriously. I cut my shoulder length hair short last time, I was ok with it but looks like my frens are more crazy bout it LOL

Nice to meet you =)

Do you mind if I link you? I think your blog is nice, wan to link it so I can read it more conveniently =)

Aw~~~ I'm craving for a proper camera, dropped my old cam on the floor, there goes T.T

Take care =)

stephy-nie said...

@andy : I know! XD thankiu thankiu

@alpha ace : came is canon ixus lah.. XD but then again yeap we shall go and exploit the new year! woohoo!! you have fun too! ^^

@kimberly: sure no prob. link me up ^^ where in klang are you studying btw?

and thanks ^^ i was asking around my friends and they were totally against me cutting short so i just went for it! XD *rebellious me!*

and omg you dropped your cam ah? that's bad.. nemaine nemaine go keep money and buy a DSLR instead!! :D

Kimberly said...

I studied in Kwang Hua. Just finished my Form 5 =)U?

But hey, your hair turned out nice =) Looked very fresh

Yea (><) Saving~! XD

stephy-nie said...

oo.. me just finished my diploma in HICT. ^^

LOL thanks. yay luck got good response for my hair XD

gambateh on saving! the camera is WAITING XD

yoon see said...

Hello stephy-nie,
Happy New year 2010 to you!
Wow! I spent time reading your current and past entries.
Look like you really have been to many places and attending some events.
I wished that were there!

Take care and how is job hunting now?!

stephy-nie said...

happy new year yoon see! haha it seems that i did travel a lot. LOL. i wish you were there too! wanna meet up with you! ^^

job hunting haven't started yet.. still looking for scholarships to go degree now X)

you tc too


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