December 22, 2009

Hannah Tan – I’ll Be Home for Christmas Concert


Last evening was a blast at the Garden’s Ballroom at Hannah Tan’s concert!

Though was abit VERY late (I was there at 5pm. the thing starts at 4pm) cause of transportation problems and the delay in KTM *&^#$%@ KTM but then luckily I didnt miss much (only abit of Hannah’s singing, Caprice, Hans Isaac and Sean Lee)IMG_0208 

From the Forget Not Christmas event, Zlwin gave out more tickets to this concert and lucky me I had another one so I dragged bf, Anusha to come along with me!


Madness weh the way we rushed to the Gardens IMG_0377

plus Anusha havent even bought her gift!


But then thanks to manda panda again for the tickets! 

So when I entered Hannah was belting out one of her Malay song she wrote herself, and boy was it amazing. I mean she has sore throat that night but then her voice was really good!IMG_0215

Plus! her wardrobe that day was awesome!

I love her dresses that she wore!

Next after her performance, His Excellency, Masahiko Horie, the Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia was invited up stage to perform! and guess what? He performed 2 songs! In MALAY!


geng oh. And he’s only here for 2 years only. LOL. he sang Getaran Jiwa and another malay song which I am not sure what it was called.

The way he spoke malay was so cute!


a duet with Ash Nair from Malaysian Idol. They sang a Christmas song duet.IMG_0221

LOL looking at Ash reminded me of school days when once my friends were like overjoyed that Ash is gonna perform at Convent’s canteen day 56

Next up was Liang dueting with Hannah for the song “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas”!!


Oooo I love his voice and he’s so funny! *Melts*

Though the guys beside me was laughing away criticizing him for his way of speaking


oh well…

Anyway anyhow I love love love his singing!

*currently youtube doesn’t wanna eat my video so I can’t post it up now.. Shall post it up soon*



 That night’s emcee was none other than Pietro from Mix FM! Throughout the whole event he co-emceed with Liang and they two are HILARIOUS. Made us laugh the whole time ne..

Especially when they did the Magic show with David Lai where Pietro kept calling the fork a spoon!IMG_0237

David Lai performed the fork bending trick where all he did was rub the fork VERY GENTLY


That part made everybody laughed.


and then what made it worse was he was doing that magic and the camera was zoomed in to his hands.

MVI_0239  MVI_0239-1 MVI_0239-2 MVI_0239-3

But the problem was where his hands were at. And what happened to the fork.





I kenot tahan leh…

Then the second part was Shaking the fork and it (the fingers) fell off!

Really it was great AND FUNNY at the same time!

I so wanna know how they do it!

Zlwin did the same trick with spoons nope not a mistake it really is A SPOON XD for the orphans to see in Forget Not Christmas!

Up next was one-of-a-kind!

JoJo Struys tap dancing!


It was awesomic! She tap dances with African drums and another tap dance with the Ramonados


Which Anusha insist that the lead singer looks like Ash Nair.. hmmm..

But seriously, pray hard that youtube gives me some compassion and lemme upload my videos!!!


Then we had Atilia.. Sorry but I don’t really know who she is but then I feel that the crowd being typical Malaysian are so MEAN to not clap for her when she came out!

sheesh people can’t you be alil supportive?


Next up, Sasi the Don!!

He sang his latest single Music in Me and I was so excited I was singing along! LOL. apologies to whoever who was sitting around me~




And after sasi was Reefa!


You know I like this guy! His new single was really awesomic! We were honored to be the first to listen to that! Really ass shaking!

He’s  actually quite a veteran in the music industry. And recently he acted in supporting roles in the series Realiti and Ghost shown on 8tv.

And the thing is he’s the only one who managed to convince the crowd to put their hands up and swing it long while the other celebs failed to keep them audience swing for them typical malaysians!

If you wanna know more about Reefa click here and here

oh! oh! do you know that Reefa was borned Jerry Vincent Singh! haha. I thought he was a malay! 48

 IMG_0262 IMG_0263

Then the members of the most awesomic iconic Innuendo came out on stage!

Sam and Reymee!


And guess what song they sang?




Listening to them LIVE after years of MIA-ness!

Belaian Jiwa was the most sung song in my whole school life! It brings back memories of school times when we would karaoke to it during camps and classes and events.

And of course We sang to it when they performed!

not to mention screaming and waving and clapping like mad

after the amazing Belaian Jiwa then comes out Ash Nair again with awesome Violinist Dennis Lau singing the song Crazy from Ash’s album.

Honestly I don’t think the violin sounded nice with this song. Kinda funny. LOL

But the he have a really cool Violin! It’s the one with only the frame, but then it’s pink. Like …… eyer….


Then Hannah sang another song of hers IMG_0287

Followed by Dennis Lau, performing a song from his album Diversify with a great Saxophonist (which I forgot his name >< m so horrible) and their performance wow-ed me! you know how I have a thing for saxophones!

 IMG_0288 IMG_0290

Then came Hazami (where the Atilia case happened again. haiz) He has good vocals! really. It was real enjoyable.


And then comes Miss Daphne Iking! omg she’s so cute!!!


She sang a Christmas song with this band which their name isn’t coming into my head at this moment. Anybody who knows please tell me! *gomen da sai*


I know ady the band’s name is Criskroz!

So sorry yeah guys


Anyway, you should really see Daphne dance! She’s like this cute little girl dancing around the stage so happily gah I cannot tahan feel like squeezing her!


 IMG_0305 IMG_0304

Though her “dress” was so weird… eyer..

macam pakai boxers ne..


The Fabulous Cats took the stage after Daphne and the band sang two christmas songs, the second one was a really cool rocky Jingle bells~


This group was quite awesome. Their song was catchy with a hint of techno beat. Not bad.

Then David Lai magically appeared on the stage with Pietro again for another magic show!


This time he predicted the where, who and what by writing it on a piece of paper before the audience said it out aloud and woohoo he got it ALL RIGHT!

cool giler…

 IMG_0326 IMG_0328

After the whole hoo-ha, we went ku petik bintang…


After tons of songs numbing my ear the whole night (Seriously their techies sucks. Bad image on the screen where it goes red or green =.= and mics not working all)

We had funny man Harith Iskandar in the house!!


LOL this guy is so funny..

After the stand ups he actually composed a song on the spot based on one of the audience’s name who is a chinese and apparently works for free! (what’s wrong with you?)



And then  with his performance ends the show.

They did this lucky draw where they asked us to call in. The first caller through would get to hang out with all of the celebrities at Starbucks!


UNFORTUNATELY we tak dapat…



Then the whole group of them sang Joyful Joyful!

which made me so damn excited cause it rocks and we were supposed to sing it for our Forget Not Christmas carols. Dang too bad my memory card full ady couldn’t record it down 39

IMG_0351 IMG_0358

After it ended what else?



Amanda and me


Coco and me


Angelkein, Suresh and me


Nigel and me

Though didn’t get to meet Justin, Yuliang or eVo..

haiz.. next time lah..


More shots of me and BF

IMG_0380   IMG_0372

I LOVE the shot I took below. As much as she wants to pose I tried making her laugh and managed to take this photo of her.

See Anusha! It looks more natural and nicer than you diva-ish drama pose eh!

I kNOW you’ll love me for this!


 Can’t wait for Sherlock Holmes tomorrow!

So in a Jingle mood!

*hearts David Archuletta’s pat-a-pan*




PS: the videos of the concert I shall try to upload ASAP if youtube decides to love me. *pray pray*



EVo said...

So happy the show but so sad tak jadi meet u! :/

Kimberly said...

Looks like you have a lot of fun in the event =)

Keep blogging

+friendly blogger dropping by

stephy-nie said...

@evo : yaloh... haiz.. nemaine nemain next time!!!

@kimberly : yep i did ^^ thanks for visiting~ will keep blogging!

Dylan Phuah said...

ooo.. u went too eh? :D

stephy-nie said...

@Dylan : yep i did. you too? ^^

Aloysius said...

hi stephy.. the band that played with daphine is called criskroz.. i am the bassist in the band...

Aloysius said...

the band that played on the concert with daphanie is called criskroz.. i am the bassist in the band

stephy-nie said...

Oh right! criskroz! so so sorry to be having short term memory >< Shall put it in right away!

Aloysius said...

how can i get the pics of criskroz? love to have the pics if possible... thanks

Aloysius said...

how can i get the criskroz pics from u.. would that be possible?

stephy-nie said...

yeah. i could mail it to you :)

stephy-nie said...

Why don't you leave me your email add at my cbox or something then I'll send it to you :)

Aloysius said...

Ya that is great and thanks. You may email to

stephy-nie said...

sent! ^^


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