May 29, 2010

I'm 20!

woots! Finally "THE" day has come! and I've officially turned 20! woohoo! Thank you to all those who wished and will be wishing me thorugh Facebook, MSN, SMSes and Calls! Me Love you guys! Unfortunately this year I gotta be working on my birthday but then again I had an awesome pre-birthday "celebration". Watched Prince of Persia for free thanks to Nuffnang and hang out with some of the bloggers. Today (or to be exact YESTERDAY) I reformatted my PC and everything is NEW and awesome! woohoo! Oh and did I mention I cut my hair again? even SHORTER? XD I know AWESOME. XD

So anyhoos Hopefully I'll get ta go yumcha/movie/lunch/dinner with whoever that jio me out SOON and we SHALL have a BLAST! *hugs and kisses*

Happy birthday to meeey~
Happy birthday to meeey~!

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yoon see said...

Happy belated birthday Stephy-nie!
Love the new look of your blog!

stephy-nie said...

thanks gal! ^^


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