June 01, 2010

I went 20 wit Prince of Percia screening at me.

Surprisingly this year's birthday turned out to be better than the years before! I mean I thought since I would be working on D-Day I'd be like bore to death in the store and everything but instead things went surprisingly awesome!

1. Arvin and Harveen came to have lunch wimme on that day!

2. Few hours later Alrin, Shieh Ren, Ern Chean and his bro came and surprised me with a cake and pressie! weee~!

3. Instead of supposedly OT, I left at 8pm in time to be celebrating with the college peeps in K3K Cafe! Thanks to Sarah, Yen Yen, Koh, Lian Yew, Jack, Jack's *cough*girl*cough*friend whom I just met, Alrin, Ern Chean n his Bro, XHIE HWEAI who I've missed so much!

4. After dinner I had 2 cakes to blow!

5. After all the food, Alrin, Ern Chean, bro n me went to funfair to sit the Uber HUGE open-aired ferris wheel!

6. 2 Days before my actual birthday I get to watch the Prince of Percia (pronounced as per-sze-ah)
thanks to Jeffro P1000052+copy.jpg

nd Nuffnang AND Mister Potato! yays~! Got off work like 3 hours earlier sumore XD Went home about like 1,2am cuz went yumcha as well with some other bloggers at Murni. Stayed out as late as possible! ngekekekeke.
(PS : I stole the pics from Jeffro's blog cuz I was lazy that day and din take much)

7. Then on Friday Off! Got my PC reformatted, took out my hard disc and made it
external punya. Woohoo!

8. I got Present From neighbor! Awesome Charm bracelet and Ring!

9. I also got present from my boss! A Tourmaline bracelet!

10. I got another Free pair of tickets from Nuffnang to watch The Killers this thursday! woots!

So far I feel great! Another month Gone and now it's June already. Been through some emotional days, happy and sad, exciting and blood sucking but May was an AWESOME month!

Shall try ta blog again soon. i know this is short. I have tons to blog about but its kinda too late now (FREAKIN
3.30AM!) so I shall bid you guys Good Night!

I wanna be happy like this all the time! (but maybe look abit more better lah XD)



Mabel Low said...

You really look damn happy in the last pic lah. XD

stephy-nie said...

i KNOW! like wtf hahahaha


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