June 09, 2010

Sale! The Shopping Monstah released!

Oh oh and you guys know I've been temporarily working in a crystal shop right and I have a neighbor who sells accessories right? Sigh. As awesome as it is I'm finding that I have another thing to learn besides feng shui and crystals..

*screams of horror*

Being surrounded by so many pretty things around I can't help but SPLURGE!

So with the pay I received, I got myself many unnecessary accesories which based on normal circumstances I would never ever buy cause I'm very the kedekut but being around facing all those pretty stuffs which is so the very tempting.. I released the SHOPPING MONSTER!


So This horrible lil monster got herself

1. A charm Bracelet which Neighbor under certain circumstances which I agreed and offered to paid half of it as my birthday presents

If you guys like it and want it too You could lemme know and I could help you guys purchase it.
Its RM 9.90 only!
Designs available : Seashells, Leaves, coins (shall try ta get pictas ASAP)

2. A Uber COOL GOTHICY Black Rose Ring! This is also part of the gift.
This is RM9.90
Available in Black, White and Bronze (like the bracelet above)

3&4. I got myself 2pairs of shoes cuz there was a Buy 1 Free 1 sale in XES! Oh my God the temptation!
Got myself a semi-formal looking peep toe and...

A uber UBER comfy purple sandals! Really I even ran in this thing! to chase the KTM train and it doesn't hurt!

Oh and apparently it gives us SEX i mean XES appeal LMAO

5. I was very the tempted by the Celmonze people opposite my shop + they gave me a FINGER free trial that even tempted me more that I finally GAVE IN and went for a Nail Art Do for ONLY RM10!!!

It's still available for those who wants it! Tomorrow Today as in Thursday (10/6/2010) is gonna be the last day in Giant Bukit Tinggi Klang! It's stall is near the Food Court! come come!

Tho the color was alil too bright for my liking their stall light so dim I mislooked and thought that it's actually dark but then hey! chio leh!

Oh plus they did this cracked effect for free! special for us lah and it was AWESOME! so cool! she even drew flowers on it!

6. YESTERDAY Neighbor's boss brought in some new stocks and guess what? She have these TURQUOISE crystal bracelets and knowin that I'm totally into it she kept it for me and kept swinging it infranta mah FACE!


I know..

I'M WEAK!!!!

*sobs sobs*



Which if you also want it's onlt RM9.90 ALSO.
Available : Rose Quartz (Pink), Fluorite (light translucent geen+purple) and Agate (milky caramelly white)

And now I have something to go with my no.7 Turquoise PENDANT!

Oh plus I just made these cute lil crystal HUMANOIDS and I'm selling it for RM15.00 each!

It's to be hung on your phone, bag, pencil cases etc etc

close up look on the butt!

It's friends! weee! one whole family!

If you guys are interested, email me! : stephy793@gmail.com


Oh and Another Awesome blogshop opened up and run-ed by my friend Chinnie!
It's called the Otter-Brown.

She sells Accessories and clothes at pretty much affordable price AND she does CODs at AEON Bukit Tinggi (KLANG ppl heads up!), Sunway Pyramid and at Taylor's Lakeside campus!

Check out her latest add on!

Dragonfly Necklace @ RM25

And bangles @RM5.00

And Mr. Owl here is only RM18.00

So yeap this is ONE post full of sales alright.

Do check em out and Enjoy releasing that SHOPPING MONSTAH of yours too!


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