May 23, 2009

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In the Trees

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so what if you have very long hair or short lah doesn’t matter and you’re in class and the air-con in your college died?

I’m sure you’d probably be looking for rubber bands to tie your hair up right?

what if you don’t HAVE rubber bands?

this is what I do!


I use a pen!

use it exactly like how a chopstick is used and walah!

i know I’m very wu liao posting this up but then again,

it’s MY blog so it’s MY wish to post it up.

neh neh neh pu pu..

Not listening

IMG1220A IMG1221A

BACK view

IMG1222A IMG1223A

Side view


TOP view

and after I removed it my hair went curly!



no saloon needed!



meet my twin sister!



Don’t we look amazingly alike?


I know…

the day when we lose

is the day that we realized

and also the day that we gained

if you know what I mean



cleffairy said...

LOL... i use pen all the time when I feel uncomfortable during my college time and also, in office every now and then. =.= ppl tink I'm weird, and now I know I am not alone. LMAO.

stephy said...

haha. we do have lots in common huh. :D When I started using the pen in college my frineds would be like what the hell is on your head kinda reaction. XD

oh well, great minds think alike.. ;) said...

haha using pen?
my friend use to use chopstick! lol
wow yeah you 2 look alike! =D

stephy said...

@kenwooi : lol chopstick expensive ma.. pen free.. ;D

Justin Hee said...

Looks like in those chinese show where in the dynasty times where the girls use u called that? like a pin like thing......=P

stephy said...

hahaha.. Ya ya.. But their's are more like decorations only (if i'm not wrong) poke onto their hair.
Mine I use to tie up my hair.


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