May 23, 2009

Numerical sex position anyone?


Numerical Sex Positions

We didn’t even get to the continued  fractions!


That was a funny one from

XKCD webcomics


So starting next week I’ll be having holidays for a week! woohoo!

But then again, during the holidays my to-do list are as such:

1. Finish my Lab log book

2. finish my Lab Report

3. Study for Unit op test

4. finish unit op assignment

5. think of moral assignment

6. attend a student council-clubs and society meeting

7. think of how to celebrate my birthday (next friday! yippee!)

8. Go watch Night at the Museum 2!

9. Read essays and articles on Kant’s Duty Philosophy

10. think how to celebrate my birthday.

11. celebrate my birthday.



that’s about it.

Today, has been this real mad day cause everyone is like madly racing against time thinking and squeezing our heads to finish our lab log book.

It’s really funny to see us all stuck in the library staring at each other thinking what to do.

And though our due time was at 5pm, we kinda cheated alil and passed it up at 6pm


But then again, I was racing against a different due time cause I didn’t need to pass up my log book but then I have our moral assignment’s skeleton to pass up so I was busy typing for moral amidst them all doing lab log book.

Peace Sign



what you  guys think of my new header?

I got bored of my old one so I basically just stuffed in all those photos I took and tadah! a header!

Derek says it looks emo..



Next I have photos to upload!

went makan makan with my college friends today in old town.

OMG their chicken rice was so yummy!

IMG1235A IMG1237A IMG1238A IMG1239A IMG1242AIMG1240A IMG1241A  IMG1244A IMG1245A IMG1246A IMG1247A IMG1252AIMG1248A IMG1249A IMG1250A  IMG1253A


I was camming and i noticed the light reflection and started camwhoring!


But I was pissed cause they didn’t allow me to change my drink and that Iced Lemon Tea was so darn bitter!


Alright, next is from the scenes of the LIBRARY…

IMG1217A IMG1177A IMG1179A






IMG1180A IMG1181A  IMG1185A IMG1190A IMG1191A IMG1192A IMG1193A  IMG1196A IMG1197AIMG1195A IMG1200A IMG1210A IMG1211A

That’s what happens when you are so blur on what to do with your assignments!

camwhore break!

oh oh!

another one is when we went to Esquire kitchen yesterday!

Xhie hweai was craving for their ham tan sou (salted yolk cookie?)


the photos!


i made sure we sat beside the huge mirror!



This was what I ate

Tung po pork rice



and my soupy~


this is xhie hweai’s




windows live writing is fun and easy but crap whenever I add photos in I gotta reset my font and colour again and again and again!

this is getitng frustrating.


At wits end


and another thing that made me smiled.

I was going through my CDs seraching for any songs to listen and I found an un-named one.

so I put it into my player and oh-boy!

it was my Graduation CD!

There was a video in it and I played it, looking at all our old photos from school makes me wanna cry.

I miss my high school life.

Miss you guys!

bila mau buat reunion?

and don’t make me organize! sheesh!

oh crap!

just realized that the video was actually 65MB after i tried uploading it




When you think that it is over,

think again.

It may have just begun


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