May 24, 2009

I’m Blogger of the Day in *Bloggerunited!

I went to go check *bloggerunited and woho!

I’m Blogger of the day!


This is like receiving an oscar!

Oscar speech!

I wanna thank my mom, for inspiring me, fellow bloggers for visiting and reading my craps, my mouse for being my mouse, My referrer for introducing me *bloggerunited, my phone for being my camera, my.. er.. okay, i think i got carried away with the speech part.




Blogger of the day!

I’ve joined *bloggerunited for some time now and it’s a great place to make new friends from the bloggersphere not to mention bringing traffic in. LOLz

Anyway, I don’t know how they actually choose blogger of the day but then again, since I’ve been put there as such then I’ll accept it with pride! Peace Sign

Though this doesn’t means that I’m saying my blog is a helluva’ great. In fact, I think my blog is nothing compared to bloggers like Cleffairy, Missycheerio, derek, kenwooi and Angelkein^.

But anyway, *yays* cause I’m blogger of the day!


*Bloggerunited made my day.

Come join!

IMG1159A Birthday Card from friends a  few years ago.

Just when you think you’re alone,

They’ll come running to you

Lending you a smile

Handing you their shoulder

Telling you that tomorrow

will always be a better day

cause they’re here for you.




Love you friends of mine!




Justin Hee said...

Congratz =)
i guess everybody will hav their time in BU... xD

stephy said...

LOL. Probably huh? ^^
Thanks anyway..

Caffery said...

Hehe, congrats oh. ^^

YULI said...

kudos!!! :D

Anonymous said...

congrats! haha =D
means you very hardworking in BU huh.. lol =P

stephy said...

@caffery, YULI and kenwooi : Thanks! ^^

@kenwooi : Nola.. not hardworking la. I usually go see see abit only. surprisingly got blogger of the day pulak. XD


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