May 24, 2009


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Yenniedoll’s Wedding cake would be a 25 Layered cake of Strawberries, Chocolate, Green Tea, Cheese and Jelly Sponsored by Tolanic. (iNNit chat)

I’m Kellaw’s sister on facebook, hp is my mum, Evie supposed to be my dad, ink is supposingly my niece and the rest of the family tree ask kellaw.

I didn’t get tickets to the premier of Terminator Salvation from Nuffnang! Crying

It’s 3.41 a.m. and i think I’m hungry.

Was supposed to be

doing my Report again

but ended up blog

surfing and chatting


Ponders if I would reunite with ALL of my high school friends ten years down the road.

Wants to attend a blogger event!

Tak Pernah go before eh...


Is missing my BF.

Wonders why I am not excited about next Friday.

wants to watch Night

at the Museum 2!!!

I should really Sleep now.Yawn

if the stars are watching us from afar

can they hear us when I whisper to them?

cause I want them to pass my messages

since they’re nearer to heaven



6 comments: said...

haha wow random rants huh? =D

stephy said...

yup yup. haha. suddenly got lots of thoughts coming out. :D

TOLANIC said...

OMG!!! The cake is going to be sponsored by me? LOL. Who said that? Hahaha. xD

stephy said...

hahahha.. we decided already during the chat ma! XD

TOLANIC said...

Fuahh,, sure I pokai weh. LOL

stephy said...

well, based on information given, you're rich right? XD or go ask for donations lo. hahahahaha


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