June 17, 2009

I’m pissed. Aren’t you? Let’s talk philosophy.

I suddenly missed my friends today.

I missed how we used to talk and hang out.

but then now it seems to be gone.

we are on our own way with new places, experiences, memories and friends.


I was looking at those old photos and reminisced and decided to upload it and well, seems like I’m the only one who was actually happy about it.

So i deleted the album.



thank you very much.



I dunno why am I being so darn pissed.


I am just F*&%-ing pissed for a moment.



I’m gonna have a full day class tomorrow with moral and Unit Process (she’s finally back from her holidays!) and probably gonna have a moral test this Friday *gasp* shit ass lah. and it’s till Islam.

So i gotta be studying for Kant’s Duty Ethics, Existencetialism, Utilitarianism, types of values and Islam. oh oh and Egoism as well.

you know studying all this, makes me wonder..

Does someone REALLY thinks THIS much load of crap?

like really!?

we just wake up everyday, do what we’re supposed to do, our routines, go brush, shit, eat, say hi to that f*&^$%$ neighbour every morning and pap!


I present you,



so all I have to do to be a philosopher is to write down what i think and hope thousands of years later there’s someone who’ll find it and go

“wa. this one awesome! me wan read it teuw people and make peepewl pway to it!”

and tadah!

Stephy the philosopher!

and maybe I’ll get a sculpture for myself!


Maybe someone will imagine I look like this~ ala ala Plato or….

underwater_sculptures_grenada copy

You’ll find me immortalized via digital sculpturing beside Mr tutu underwater!

well, anyway, not to say my crap is likable or meaningful anyway.

but heck i’ll just crap all i want and you can’t stop me!


oh, I’m so full with wu liao-ness

*runs off with the phrase I’m pissed looping*


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