June 16, 2009

What is left? when you can’t blog it

I haven’t been blogging properly i think cause i have too much things to put down that’s too personal.

But then again i still need somewhere to channel these stuffs out but then again i just repeated the same thing twice I figured i still can’t do it.



sitting in front of the PC doing mass blood donation to the living vampires,

Count Mosqueque-whodonothavetoes-TOES

mosquito.gif image by drcolossus



So, i’ve a report to do again on the pipe friction experiment i’ve witnessed looked at performed and I have no idea what to do at all.





if there’s anyone who knows about this experiment please please please please please lemme know and TEACH ME!!

a sample report won’t hurt either


Hmmm… this sucks.



oh yeah oh yeah

I’ve put up a poll asking about what you think i should change or improve in my blog.

so help me answer and tell me what you think okies?


my browser is hanging



Just saw a tweeter song video from you tube.

it’s so cute!

even brayden was hooked to it!


gimme more…

even brayden was hooked to it!

Follow me on twitter!


THe most constant thing in life,

is change.



I think i’ll just go back pondering on my stupid dilemma..



Anonymous said...

what browser you're using?
if you're using IE, i suggest you to use firefox ;)
or chrome.. haha..

done your poll =)

stephy said...

i'm using flock browser, it's under mozila. ok ok la. just that the internet pretty sucky these days. ~_~

yoon see said...

Hi stephy,
Cool twitter song, I love it!

stephy said...

haha. thanks yoon see


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