June 25, 2009

underpantsingayemdrowninginlaziness *Smacks face*

My report was done in a hurry.

rushed like mad in college.

screamed, shrieked, begged people to help with the report.

made my friend late for class to print in colour for me.

and when I entered class..

all my lecturer could say was…












Nevermind lah.


 I give you another week.







after all that rushing..



Oh My GAWD!!!!!!!


that aside..

I have Moral Studies Quiz this Friday!!

which is the day after tomorrow!

no wait!

it tomorrow since it’s already Thursday!!


And you know what?

most of my friends were like coming at me and my gal friend saying that they’ll sit beside us so that they can copy from us since we were the two who actually listens and understands this subject while the rest ponteng skip class never listen talks sleeps never take down own notes doesn’t pay attention don’t understand the subject.

hem hem..

So tomorrow during breaks will be studying on Islam, Kant’s Duty, Existentialism, Egoism, Utilitarianism and values for the quiz.

and I’ve been marked by my lecturer to score well!

he shoved the A-student ANALytical question to me and expects good answers~

I’m doomed!!!!



Wish me luck!


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