July 30, 2009

What people do when They’re desperate?

Really? what do people do when they’re desperate??

During exams ….
Number 01  :

Number 02  :
Number 03 :

Number 04 :

Number 05 :

Number 06 :

Lol. Got this from a forwarded mail. Seriously, I wanna try doing these during exam! So cool!

but i dont dare to since lecturers in my college knows me personally. I’d be dead by then 10

but salute the, above lah. 56



renaye said...

they must be so stress!!

EVo said...

AHahahahaa...see all before but see again still can gelak one :D

yoon see said...

So funny! Glad you shared, haven't read this yet!
Happy days Stephy_nie!
Love your new header, very Stephy_nie!

Stanley said...

I remember reading this a while back. But it still cracks me up! Thanks for putting this up.

aileng miao said...

hahahah these are damn cutie!

stephy-nie said...

@renaye : lol. i guess they are that's why got all these kinda ideas XD

@EVo & Stanley : These kinda stuffs just wont lapuk wan lah hor? hahaha. these people damn crazy lah. haha

@yoon see: You're welcome! :) and thanks! same happy days to you! ^^

@aileng : haha. cute ah? lol. crazy overstressed people maybe. XD

stephy-nie said...
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