August 02, 2009

Food! nom nom nom~

And so here comes my food post!


*claps claps*

So this place is somewhere on Old Klang Road PJ opposite the wet market. And this place sells the yummiest steamed fish I’ve ever ate!


The place


It was initially empty and then…


Look at the amount of people there that filled up the place in minutes~!


And so we ordered. There’s:

fishes of 4 flavors in 3 sizes, (S,M,L)

-ginger (the pic is the medium one)IMG_0771


-sicap (i dunno how to explain what is this icon_lol )

-and ‘cheng’ steamed which is basically without any kicap or oyster sauce.

besides fish they also have te ka chor a.k.a. pig leg cooked with vinegar (sound so cacat in english) , bah kut teh, steamed otak-otak, taufoo, and veges.IMG_0772IMG_0775IMG_0778

Honestly I don’t know what fish do they use. Some unidentified fish but if I’m not wrong its freshwater fish. But you don’t have to worry about the smell and all cause they don’t smell.

The meat of the fish is very soft and the skin is jelly-like and I tell you it’s the awesomest fish I’ve ate!

And another thing I like is that they serve the rice in bowls with chopsticks and spoons! So when I eat I feel very chinese


That I try eating without the spoon!



And look at my dad’s rice! eeee! Garlic maniac!


Lookie how clean we sapu the fish! Bone also tada.



And it’s not really expensive also considering it’s in KL and all.

That day we ate came about RM54.90 for the four of us with 6 bowls of rice (yes we tambah nasi!) and drinks and side dishes.



So if you wanna go there makan, here’s the address

Ah wang Bah Kut Teh

Batu 4 1/2, Jalan Kelang Lama

Kuala Lumpur

H.P.: 013-2282288 / 016-2341319

They open around 4.00-5.00pm around there and around  5 plus would be the right time cause after that it’ll be really full with humans and cars that you may have to wait for empty tables. But parking spaces are quite ok lah. At least they have adequate spaces around.


So do go and try if you wanna eat yummy yummy fishy!


Stephy-makan makan-nie


yoon see said...

Yum yum!
Next time come to klang and we go and eat out OK!

stephy-nie said...

I'm living in Klang wor. you too? ^^ when wanna go eat out? XD

kenwooi said...

haha simple yet nice food! the last time i went to klang for bah ku teh was this year's CNY.. lol so long ago..! =D

p/s: i've migrated my blog to wordpress, do relink, resubscribe or refollow coz the old Blogspot feed link is not usable anymore! =)

kenwooi said...

steamed fish.. i like! haha.. =D

stephy-nie said...

wa.. that's like months ago wor. XD okays ken will relink you ^^


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