October 27, 2009

Malacca Gila Babi woh!

TO all READErs as if there are any T_T so so so sorry for abandoning my dear bloggie. I’ve been out of town this weekend and i didn’t manage to blog before i leave so *huggies* I shall ganti balik my backdated post that i owe my blog.IMG_4818

and really owhemgee i’m losing my blogging touch ady don’t you think? i used to be darn active but these days you rarely see me blog walking and all. haiz.. been too busy and procrastinating too much already lah..

every darn week got thing due wan.



so anyway was down at Melaka for the weekends cause my dear cousin Benny was getting married!

Though I expected the usual grand dinner + ceremony thingy but ended up they only did a simple dinner for acknowledgement of their wedding which was awesome cause the food were awesome!!! like hell yeah!

Rewind alil back to Friday where we drove down to Melaka after dropping my nephew down at his gramps’ place.

We took the KESAS highway and well, not knowing how exactly to go we hantam saje and follow malaysia’s stupid signboards towards melaka / johor. as long as it heads southwards.



And on the long straight boring road we did some sightseeing like….



And we camwhored alil… 


mum : Apa tengok tengok?

steph : SS-ing~

sis : peekeeboo…..

 IMG_4744IMG_4742 IMG_4743

And finally I saw something that made me go jumping!


And then it came……….  


IMG_5029 Quotes : “Melawat Melaka Bersejarah Bererti Melawat Malaysia”

WTH! Malaysia so small only ah? visit Melaka means visit Malaysia ady~




Hell did Melaka changed and progressed!

All the roads were upgraded and new buildings all up and whoa I don’t recognize it anymore!

*The last time I was at Melaka was like years ago LOL*

so we managed to go like 97% on the right path to my ah ko (which is what we call my dad’s sister in hokkien) but then the last 3% we weren’t sure cause of all the changes in the road made it unrecognizable!


 So we called up Uncle Mike and chop chop he came and picked us up!

and we WERE on the right way all along! If only we went ALIL further



Reached there, unpacked, surveyed, reminisce the old times, catch up.

That was all we did till dinner. and guess who we saw?!!


Remember this guy? eh wait, you guys probably won’t XD

He’s my nephew Nicky!! and I used to baby sit him when he was about 2 years old which is like 2 years ago.


Well, two years later he looks like this! IMG_4782

And all I could say was OwhEmmmGeeee!!!!

Gawd he is SO good looking!!!!


 Me n nicky!



Man I missed him. the last time i saw him he could only say several syllables! Now he talks back like nobody’s business!! like wth!!

*sobs sobs*

I wish I could kidnap him home~


Mooooving on..

That night’s dinner was SATAY CELUP @


 IMG_4784 IMG_4788 IMG_4790 IMG_4791 IMG_4793 IMG_4795 IMG_4797 IMG_4803 IMG_4814



Awesomic food and it only cost us RM60 plus Drinks!

But then the place is gila babi packed larh.

but funny thing is, the restaurant beside it selling the exact same thing with air-con plus nicer environment have like only 0.1% of Ban Lee Siang’s customers! like wth~

kesian giler 56

Then we visited Jonker Street on the way home and me just love the environment there. It’s like back to the oldies~

and they sell quirky stuffs that makes good photos!


IMG_4832 IMG_4833 IMG_4829 IMG_4831

me like the chicken!

Shall buy it for whoever’s birthday coming up!


So here ends DAY one Malacca~

This post shall be continued another time cause it is 3.17am and i have a class at 9am tmr


So good nighty peeps!





CripsyCaiHong said...

whoa malacca
when u were in malacca
i was off to johor for 2 days ehehe

stephy-nie said...

lol. i went las Friday loh :D you went johor holiday kah?

LaLa said...

How I missed Malacca...Stayed there for a year.. I love the food...

stephy-nie said...

yup. food is the main thing in melaka XD

Tony Wan said...

i love malacca. next time be my guide la when i go there xD

stephy-nie said...

@tony : i am melaka blind neh so can't be your tour guide lea.. XD i barely go there wan leh. lol


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