January 13, 2010

Driving Lessons with Leather suit clad Lecturer + whip? sexay~ PMS-ing maybe?

okay I haven’t been feeling awesomic lately and I have no idea why. 

I think I’m college sick cause I wanna go back to college for classes. Yes I’m alil bit attached to that place there cause most of the people I know are there and I basically am aimless at home right now Anyone wanna hire me?

Oh but wait not totally aimless! I am like finally getting my license and I just finished my KPP 5 hours of boredommity ceramah and the test would be this Saturday morning!


KPP Ceramah experience summarySketch.

What students were doing while waiting for an hour before the lecturer which is those headless people arrives.

Wadafak is the difference between those two slippers at the bottom?!

Both also slippers aite? Where can allow those on the right when those on the left are not allowed??!

And yeah I was wondering if the lecturer would be a hot boob-sy lady in tight leather suit with fishnet stockings and a whip.

Hopefully I’ll pass and then I’ll get to drive!!


But then again, while I was revising last night yes wow I know I came across several this question that DOESN’T MAKE SENSE AT ALL.


and guess what? the answer was “C”


Yes apparently I was supposed to be driving with my hands crossed, where my right hand is at the 9 o’clock position and my left hand on the 3 o’clock position….


The greatness of these driving schools.


btw I am feeling alil weird..

I suddenly have this obsession, no this thing that haunts me..

Maybe it’s really not that serious but somehow or rather I have a bugging feeling that something from the past is haunting me  that makes me go do stuffs that I shouldn’t be doing.girl9

like peeping.

NO not peeping hamsup-ly, don’t worry..


But peeping as in koreking stuffs and peeping into thoughts and memories that I shouldn’t.

haha I know you guys might be thinking what the hell is wrong with this girl mumbling nonsense here but this is exactly what I’m feeling!

utter nonsense that I can’t explain!

Probably that is why I seek company from him more these days and whenever something is alil different I tend to get worried and stupid stuffs starts to form in my head which probably was generated from my archives where at those times I did try to figure out lotsa stuffs but then constraint only in my head.

which means input without output.

Which probably made me the nutcase I am today.

Which might not either.




Then I have real weird philosophical deep Shakespeare-ical, Einstein-ical thoughts that makes weird sense.

Like sometimes I wonder about the depths of the word love and the meaning of “I love you” when people say it.

I know lotsa people probably say it to every single guy/girlfriends they have and next thing you know they’re no longer together, which made me ponder, maybe I did take that word too seriously?

But then my stubbornness denies it. Its a right thing to take that seriously.. you have to be ready to commit to that one four letter word cause it’s no small deal.

Do you love me?

Do I love you?


Yes I love you but I don’t love love you. I sayang love you.


got difference meh?


See what weird weird thoughts come into my mind..


Hell you have NO IDEA..

And this made me think and think and think..

Probably I slept too much..



What the hell is happening???

Maybe it’s like this billboard


Come pet a rabbit and if you like it you could taste it at our rabbit satay stall next to the kandang!

Cute, pet-able and yummy!


But when I see wedding photos like this I get so melted and dayummn! Having good imagination sucks BIG TIME!


So han fook!

God help this mad lady~

Yes lady cause this year she’s freaking 20!

Hallelujah people.




ps: tomorrow Sherlock Holmes + yumcha session with college mates! woots!1775465353jpg 

oh well…Fingers crossed!












Mabel Low said...

Hello hello! So long i didn't drop by here man!

All the best in your driving exam! Just don't get nervous ya. Wah... they even supllied paper for you guys to fiddle around with?? We didn't even get 'em =.= And our lecturer was kinda strict also. Haih.

stephy-nie said...

lol mabel. I passed!! yay! hahahhaha.. The paper I brought it myself lerh.. haha.. I need it to bust boredom mah!! hahaha. Yah they were quite strict too.. can't SMS also. kena hantam kau kau ><


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