March 25, 2010

No sweat! Save the Earth!

Like yah right no sweat, with these day’s mad ass weather, I’d be amazed that you’re not sweating at all!


(All Armpit images from

Seriously Earth is  burning like mad, I’m sure wherever u are except that if you live on hill tops and highlands n maybe seasides You would have your hair tied up, you wear minimal clothing (or maybe none O_O), you bathe more than 3 times a day, you feel awfully sleepy when you’re at home, you keep opening the fridge and sit in front of the open doors till someone shouts at you or if you’re one of those lucky people your aircon never seem to be turned off.

“I’m Melll~~TINGGG~”


And oh at least you’re at home but when you go out! Oh THE HORROR!

You’d be wetting your clothes at wrong places.. Oh wait that just sounded DAMN wrong.

What I meant was you’ll be all dressed up nicely and when you go out, next thing you know you have sweat patches at your armpits area and the back of your top is wet. BLEARGH!


Unless you’re able to like only travel in air-conditioned areas like the supermarket or malls You can never go fashionable with layered, thick clothing as long as this DAMNED heat goes on!

Oh and did you know a Volcano erupted in ICELAND?! like ICE – ICEland!


(ALL cartoon clips from


Try pronouncing the name of that Volcano LMAO




No sweat for us humanoids to destroy Earth huh?

Oh how I crave for ICE CREAM!!


In spite of ALL these sweating it’s not actually difficult to be stopping Earth from melting away. In fact, it’s NO SWEAT at ALL!

Our politicians do it..


 Kids could do it


 Cartoons could do it too!


 Those at office could do it also weyh!


 Those at office could do it also weyh!

So head over to and submit your pledge to go support Earth hour and save the Earth!

And in the meantime go get yourself one of the fresh smelling Adidas Deodorant to avoid Wet spots :X And watch Project Alpha season 2!

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Stephy-nie Checks out~

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kenwooi said...

the "off the mark" comic strip is so intriguing.. clear off the forest just to plant a new tree.. =/

stephy-nie said...

hahaha I KNOW. it prolly applies in today's world alot tho it mite be at the same spot. *wink* so let's all save earth!


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