August 11, 2010

I'm hired as a stalker!

Yeap you've read right.
I am hired as a STALKER!
well, at least for now lah cause for these 3 days I've been stalking following my senior at work around and basically know what she's doing all the time cause I hafta copy take over some of her jobs eventually!

So yeah I've just started working in a printing company as a Trainee Graphic Designer honestly it's just something I came up with cause they don't really label people specifically. You're either design, marketing, admin, production or anything in between HAHAHA yesh I know. But the point is I'm in the training process in the design department where the whole department consist of ONLY me AND my senior so I'm learning all the design process, gan cheong rushing process, pre-printing process, lotsa calls/fax/mailing process, post-printing process, waiting impatiently calling all the subcons to rush em to bring us the sample and moulds and plates process @@

Seriously workplace is seriously a warfield! There's so many things to do and so little time left to! My first 3 days of work also I OT already @@

But then again, I like what I'm learning, how I'm progressing and how things are slowly being put into place right now. Yes I have like totally ZERO basic on Illustrator and stuffs but I'm happy on how I'm catching up on things I finish a Ribena becker card assembly instruction. THO it's very cacat but to think it's gonna be used by these promoter people to assemble hahahahahaha. I KNOW. Syok Sendiri-ness. LMAO.

Alritey, it's already 12AM so I gotta go get some rest for the war tomorrow! I have like 200++ address to type for a client's thank you card WTF.

So yeah, nites peeps! I'll be back!


Mabel Low said...

WOW! Looks like life's gonna be real hectic for you mate!!! D: Best of everything to you, steph!

stephy-nie said...

Yeaps. So I prolly won't be only much till I settle down and stabilize in my new job :) thanks anyway! :D

ken said...

stalker junior! haha.. all the best =)


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