August 28, 2010

Lets Pout!

I feel sho shad.

I have no new picta to post.

Why must I separate with her?



See I hafta like take old old pictas and modify them so that they look new!

geez I gotta take pouting lessons lah. My puting tak jadi wan *fail pouts*

*You make me UPSET DUDE!*


So yeah, I gotta pull my lower lips over my chin, push the top, think of ALL the dissapointment I have, pretend to be hay horrible, tantrum throwing kid and errr... sulk? @@


How did I do? :D


I think I gotta go find THESE BABIES and practice more weh!

Or maybe I should try... THIS

They have training services!


But it's far far away and and and I'm so broke I decided to try another way on my own! for FREE!

So I tried the second method and put my lips together annnddd... *BLOW* NO not what I think you're thinking with your senget head


Wadaya think? Pass kah?


*all images are from google. All picta are linked to their sources. so Click on picta to go see go see. Of course exception for my own photo lah :D*

So lets us ALL have a pouty day and pretend to sulk and be sexay!

Go Poutey~!



curryegg said...

ahhhhhwww.. so cute... =D

stephy-nie said...

me or the babies? XD

Mabel Low said...

Hmmm.... So what's the emoticon for pouts :O

Mabel Low said...

Hmm... any idea what's the emoticon symbol for pouts? :O

stephy-nie said...

hmm.. its :{ if m not wrong LMAO


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