September 14, 2010

Do Not Feed the Psycho. Thank You.

Cause this psycho is seriously OVERFED thanks to the trip to Melaka with non-stop force feeding food stuffing 24 hours a day ZOMG I could fill myself to death well yes I'm being dramatic but then again ZOMG-ness!

Me, sis, cousin-in-law and nephews and nieces!

See, our feeding schedule was like this:

1st day:
12.00pm: Lunch; Wantan no not the ones i made but yeah mee

3.00pm : reaches Melaka

4.00pm : joins in aunty nom-ing the chee cheong fun this has lotsa literal translations : pork intestines powder, pressing intestines fun, press long long fun LMAO (really, its like towel shaped strips made of rice flour) and chai bao (vege dumplings, awesome stuffs) adding on with rendang ayam (malay styled dry chicken curry) and homecooked Bah Kut Teherr... meat bone tea? XD (chinese style Pork cooked with herbs)

7.00pm : went to Jonker Street, ate twister potatoes, curry fish balls, fried carrot cake, cocktail drink non-alcoholic wan lah *angel*, 100+

12.00am : reach home, aunt made us eat bah kut teh AGAIN with rice and all i don't remember what I ate ady lah. I only remembered I SO FULL

DAY 2:

10.00am: woke up, drank nescafe, ate Loh Mai Kai (Glutinous Rice + Chicken) and pao

1.00pm : aunt cooked fried rice and ikan asam pedas (spicy sour fish) which is super awesome I HAD TO add on rice

3.00pm : went to one of the many Aeon, walk around with the crazily active nephews

oh yeah twins!

, drank 100+ again, I know

8.00pm : aunt tapao konnow kuey teow (kuey teow I have no idea how to translate this with black sauce)

DAY 3:
11.00am: Eats 15+ chicken rice Balls

12.45pm: Eats biscuits.

1.00pm : Eats MORE chicken rice balls! without chicken

2.00pm : Eats Rice with more asam pedas and rendang

3.00pm : drinks 2 and a half cup of nescafe

4.30pm : on the way home, bought and ate tuna sandwich and corn in a cup from seremban stop

8.30pm : eats curry yee mee.

So you see how much I've actually ate these 3 days! ZOMG!! I think if I stayed there for another week I'll become gigantic! @@

Can't imagine. Was NEVER hungry there. hahaha

So if anyone wants a "get-fat-trip" FIND ME! and we'll go stay in my Aunt's place in Malacca okay? LMAO

BEST part was the moon that I saw on the second day! ZOMG so the very syawal weh!

Though this is the best I could get. That also THANK GOD *kneels and bows* my cousin got a digicam. When I saw that moon in AEON, I almost
CRIED! why? cause I don't have my camera to capture it!!!!



need to get a camera like NAO!


something random I saw in my aunt's toilet that I thought of sharing.
Try saying it many many times XD

I wanna go Melaka soon AGAIN WITH A CAMERA!!


but Till then, GOTTA DIET FIRST!

"I like butts. My guy has to have THE butt. but HE has the BUT. Don't lah come bluff me with the wrong but! sheesh. BUTT betul"
- stephy-nie

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