July 25, 2011

Penang | Astro Star Quest 2011 Final (Lazy Post)

Yes this will be a lazy post so be prepared for a unfinished short pointless post.

So I was in Penang last weekend with my college peeps actually you could say it’s ex college peeps since I’ve graduated like 2 years plus? to go support my friend Miko at the Astro’s Star Quest Finals woots! And yeah we hooled up 6 of us and drove a car ALL THE FARKING WAY 200KM++ to PENANG. My first time driving long distance AND driving over 80km/hrs! weeee~

What is it you ask? well it’s a annual singing competition by Astro which started months ago. Some sort like American Idol, and the winners are to continue competing in Taiwan later on after this round is over.


Check it out here for the teaser video of the winner’s profile and here to for a simple writeup on the review of the finals and a short explanation on the mechanism of the competition.

So yeah it was the finals and there’s 5 finalist and aren’t they awesome!

They all performed really well except for the Autumn and Winter theme ones, some of them were rather blah~ (The competition was segregated into 4 main rounds based on the 4 seasons) but I was really entertained at the concert!

Oh did I mention I got VIP tickets which means I was sitting real close to the stage sadly/FORTUNATELY not the mosh pits

Top 5 finalist!

Which is my friend you ask?

Well, it’s non other than the awesome Miko Chu!


*some pics credit to my friend Alrin Lee & some random FB photos*

So here are the pics of us crazy fans! Spot me!



We were THAT of a fan we actually put up her banners at the back of our car on the way home to Klang!


Well we were really crazy that we kinda started talking to that photo of hers while in the car. Epic Boredom.

But yeah, in the finals after all the performance and the gan cheong first and second round elimination, Miko ended up with the 3rd placing in the competition with the 2nd place won by Jie Ying and Winner; Geraldine.

Honestly I believe that all three ladies were good in their own scope of singing, what differs them is the song choice cause the DID have awesome performances and everything.

Nevertheless, I’m really proud of you Miko cause you know you got the talent and you’ve gone THIS far! Jia you in Taiwan and let’s get you to be the winner of the Taiwan phase competition!




Anyhooos as I said it’s a short lazy post. Gotta go sleep ady. I’ll see when I could get outta my procrastination and blog this event for real!

Till then Chaos!



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