September 13, 2011

Bro, Don’t like that lah Bro



yes I procrastinated yet again for today and it’s already 1am.

You see I was supposed to like go do my work and all AGAIN to lesson my pain in ass tomorrow morning in rushing that shit ass *&#%$@ *cough cough*


I’ve bumped into this comic blog through Miao aka Akiraceo

and seriously it gave me tons of Laughs and LMAOs and LOLs and yea you get what I’m saying

Let me present you with Bro, don’t like that lah, bro



so this is a blogger who draws about epic LOL-ness of his bros and omg I was laughing at most of his posts that sometimes I really do wonder how much did he exaggerate the scenes and situations.


I particularly like this strip cuz it’s so LOL giler weih.. proves how dirty minded people are XDD

I like Jon (the blue shirt) and Daryl (the white shirt perverted guy LMAO) they are like so epic clownish weih.

Oh and also go read the Pengotor Series sounds like Snowflakes right with the series series LMAO new flavorwtf

DAAAAAAAAMN Disgusting wehhh!

Hope you guys enjoy it! if you don’t..

Bro, don’t like that lah, bro

Open-mouthed smile

Thanks Jian for the good recommendation!


ps: click on image to enlarge incase you too can’t scrutinize your eyes to see Open-mouthed smile




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