October 24, 2011

I am OMG Nikon

Yesterday or more like the day before yesterday since it’s already pass 12am me and my family went out for an outing, since little Brayden came over for a sleepover here (rawr nightmare at times).

 Mini MJMJ wannabe

So initially I had my dad to head on to Jaya One for the #dontduckit breast cancer awareness campaign and I nailed it. Off we went to the place and we were there around 2pm approximately and guess what? the place was close to empty. Like seriously. We took a walk around, probably we missed out some venues I dunno, and pretty much most of the people were in the bars and/or The Bees Cafe for a booze/drink. No familiar face, no attendees. I guess I was too early. hmmm.

I want

Seeing that, Dad decided to leave.

*bye bye #dontduckit*

Then we detoured to Mid Valley instead!

Walked around and saw this omg huge Road Show by Nikon *cues DSLR/Camera fan girl scream!* at the centre court and what awesomeness the amount of cameras and lenses they brought out this time.

I am Nikon

I am your eyes

The whole range of compact cam, DSLRs, lenses and accessories were sold at the venue, and that they even have a booth to perform sensor cleaning for those Nikon cams.


In addition of promoting their new Nikon J1 & V1, they have tons of photos taken with Nikon cameras by the Nikon Club members posted up on them walls. And they were spamming kids with their yello balloons!

ExhibitioI am Nikon Baloons

It was so packed and with the kiddo I couldn’t take much piccie on the whole event but I DID took an important part, CAMHO!

Guess who I spotted there?


And what you do when you meet mr Spidey?

I grab him and get him to take a piccie with me! (and tried to grab on his boobies too! Just checking Smile with tongue out


Sis also joined along, though the whole grabbing his boobie idea was from here, she malu malu kucing and instead only posed with Spidey innocently. (Cartoon face is the real expression!)


Not only Spiderman was there, even Jack Sparrow’s look-a-like cousin was there too!


Arr Cap’n Nikon!

And last but not least, Mr RedHeadCreepyGigglyGoku Clown

P1080079Red head Goku

I love his hair honestly. And he asked for RM60 from me for that picture. And then laughed aw.. oh wait i mean GIGGLED creepily away from us. O_O

After awhile of walking around. I noticed that there’s this competition here where you grab on to like statement boards and take a picture with it in the running to win the awesome J1 camera for the Grand Prize!

I am Signs

Then I thought, why not? it’s not that it requires a purchase, I mean I get to have a professional photographer to photograph me leh! So I ran though all the signs and well, practiced!

Take #1

I am LOL

Take #2


Take #3

I am wild OMG

And the winning pose :


LMAO okay maybe it didn’t came out the way I wanted much but heck! okay lahhh LMAO LMAO LMAO Check out the rest of the entries here NikonMY

I got Brayden to join along too! Okay maybe I didn’t but I got him to pose Open-mouthed smile

I am Adorable_Bray

He is one heck of a poser I tell you!

Then sis and me say this guy at the cleaning booth testing out this huge ass camera after the sensor clean and we were literally ogling at him. I guess he noticed cuz next thing we know, he pointed the huge ass gun towards us and snapped a few piccie O_O

Uncle Big Lens

I swore I turned away so fast I could have turned my head 360 degrees. Unlike my sister who posed immediately =_=

Then again, they displayed quite alot of huge ass lenses and even had demo sets of huge huge humongous lens attached with a camera. i forgot to take a picture of them! Dammit. hafta stop drooling over them and concentrate!

Big Guns

After all these havoc.. no wait, before all these havoc (cuz we went two rounds before we ate and after we ate) we had dinner at the food court upstairs with a heavenly mashed potatoes, a half grilled chicken, two overly priced Yong Tau Fu (both bowls for like RM25++ wtf got only noodles, beancurds and mushrooms) and Snowflakes Bestsellers! omnoms! But then ah, the Taro Balls in Mid Valley’s Snowflakes so SHMALL! wtf

So Small Taro Balls

I’d rather go Subang SS15 there eat =_=

ps: ignore my phone’s appearance kthxbai

Ahhh.. Wonderful day it is. When we were home, I straight went to bed and slept till early this morning! Nope didn’t go break record for my 16 hours sleep waaaad? . Didn’t feel like it. Oh! two more awesome photos to share!


And my fav <3


Good nights!



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