October 10, 2011

Moon Dog Halo

Twas the night thou was out seeking companionship with thy buds. Upon arrival at thy home, appears a magical halo from Thee.


Ahhh.. Ain’t that one beautiful view from thy angle. I know I know I may be abusing ancient English but hey no harm trying not to spoil ancient English to speak ancient English.

Well, ancient or not, this moon dog (God knows why it’s called a moon dog) kinda brought back my picca side of me. Haven’t been having the rush of excitement screaming “bring the camera!” “bring the camera!” when I’ve seen something.

Twas this was happening Smile with tongue out I was immediately on the road outside leaning close to 160 degrees trying ta fill the halo into my camera screen. Not only that, I used the slow shutter to get the bright enough photo; which means I was practically trying so hard not to shiver I am NO exercise junkie so my abs ain’t that strong. I think after this it leveled up +1 on the muscle LMAOs and was holding the camera as still as I could. Nope no tripod. too lazy to go take Smile with tongue out

I must’ve looked silly but I love the outcome. they called it Camera flare. Rainbow effect. *blinks blinks* honestly I see no rainbow XD

Then I saw something that it’s as if Thee’s way of telling everyone to get have s*x.



Oh and I love Me Family. Ain’t mai dad cool? Now I know why I’m so Aweshum!



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