December 05, 2011

Moovement 2011 - Far East Movement Live in Malaysia

“Poppin’ bottles in the ice

Like a blizzard”

I’m pretty sure that MOST of you if not ALL of you knows that song that makes you go Like a G6, Like a G6, Nanananana.. and it is sung by non other than the awesome pop-electro quartet


(cue Like a G6 Like a G6)

Photo : Juice Online

Thanks to Juice Online I’ve got 2 free tickets for the Rock Zone to Far East Movement’s Concert 2 days ago, brought to you by Tunetalk Prepaid!! Wooots!

Free Tickets to Moovement 2011!

Honestly speaking, I think that the organizers have some buck ups to do (that’s for you Tune Talk)

1. The change of venue was not informed well enough. I had a friend who didn’t know at all till the moment she called me at 5pm that day itself.

2. Heard from Jakeman on that the time changed to 7pm instead of 8pm only ON THAT DAY itself.

3. WHY THE HELL DO YOU MAKE US WAIT FROM 7PM – 9.45PM before allowing us to enter without explanation?!


4. I’m confused with the line-ups. No DJ Crystal or DJ Ken. What happened?


Photos : taken from JunFook & Isaac cuz I have no media/photographer passes so no camera  : (

Thank God the music, ambiance, DJs (Jakeman & Skeletor, DJ Junior & Mr Hottie who I UNFORTUNATELY did not catch his name, and of course FEM themselves were awesome!


The Crowd was wild though it did started out a little slow, getting warmed up with the music and the free standing spots and our Cokes :P

“Mr Poyo the hottie” (if any of you know his name, Please lemme know! : D) spraying Champagne and Vodka to the crowd. He even passed them to the people to have a few sips! wtf

Jakeman & Skeletor was awesome spinning hits that reminded me of school days!

And another piccie I pinjam from Isaac omg I love Prohgress! he so ADORABLE!

Far East Movement

And of course not forgetting DJ Earworm who mashed up the awesome United State of Pop!

Aside from the Polaroid snaps at the entrance

031220111120 & the coin I got from DJ Earworm shall post photos later. tooooo tired to edit I had a blast with the SHIT ASS BASS (My hair was jumping with the bass & the floor was vibrating!) and awesome company from my best butt bud. I also met Adeline there, the first and last time I met her was at the Valentine’s Flash Mob wtf


I’ve took a few videos of the concert. Promise I will upload them yes I know I’ve been on a hiatus for some time now. Lotsa pending drafts >< But here’s one of my favourites!

Up till here, Terranabo!

and if you notice my singing in the video, please ignore : D


Good night world


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